Too many projects, too little time

Ride to Uvas Canyon reservoir


After a very long time we did local ride on two consecutive weekend days, and that too in the rain. Basically the wet weather made it all possible as there is no hang gliding in rain. As a bonus we had clean roads, near zero tourist traffic, and super saturated greenery all around.

The first sight of Uvas reservoir was a delight. it was full to the brim. And the wet weather made it all the more peaceful. After that a short hike at the Uvas canyon park made both of us happy – there were so many small waterfalls along the swollen creek.


Ride to San Benito on CA-25


Wanted to check out the greenery along highway 25 between Hollister and San Benito. I have been on this route upto Pinnacles park but in a dry summer. This time it was indeed very beautiful, plus we got rain clouds and a bit of drizzle as well.

265 miles, from 10:30am to 5pm. Had a relaxed brunch at Hollister.


Ride to San Luis Obispo reservoir


Weekend was quite unplanned with Priti being out of town. Saw an update from my ex-goldwing rider friend Susan that she was going to do 200-mile loop via San Luis Obispo reservoir. I wanted to see the greens and the water level so I was at once ready to accompany. Turned out to be a great trip, especially the Highway 130 from the junction on Mined Rd to I-5 was spectacular, probably the most scenic road I have seen close to home.

More photos:

Woodworking – solder inlay

Came across a very creative metal inlay mechanism today:

I had to try it at home since I already had the blow torch and plumbing solder kit. Initial attempy worked very well, so I have to plan some tabletops using dark colored hardwood for more contrast.







Rainy ride on Calaveras Rd


A rainy weekend got a lot of chores done, but no hang gliding. Around 4:30pm the weather looked exactly how I like it – light drizzle, no high winds and almost no traffic. I needed a quick ride for a recharge and also to test a GoPro Hero4 camera I recently got.

Turned out it was a great decision. Slow ride on Calaveras rd was rewarding with the views – velvety green everywhere and the reservoir had lots of water which made me happy. The mist and the drizzle was like time travel to riding in Munnar in India back in 2003.

Back home just before dark. 50 happy miles.


An Oasis in the City

শহরের মধ্যে একটি মরুদ্যান

কংক্রিটের জঙ্গল থেকে বেরিয়ে এসে
পাহাড়ের উপর নৈশব্দের মাঝে একখানি বাসা
সুবর্ণ দ্বার সেতু দেখা যায় বারান্দা থেকে
বিকেলের পড়ন্ত রোদে, তারপর সূর্যাস্তের অস্তরাগে
সুরা-র পেয়ালা হাতে, অথবা চা বিসকুট সহযোগে
গল্প জমে ওঠে সপ্তাহ শেষ হবার ঠিক আগে
আমরা এসে গেছি এক চাক্ষিক মরুদ্যানে।

সন্ধে হতে জমে ওঠে সাহিত্যের আসর
মাতৃভাষা হয় আপন থেকে আপনতর
বইয়ের তাক থেকে কফি টেবিলে চলে আসেন
রবীন্দ্রনাথ, জীবনানন্দ, কিম্বা রুদ্র মহম্মদ শহীদুল্লাহ
সময় যেন থমকে দাঁড়ায় – সাতচল্লিশ কিম্বা একাত্তরে
বে এরিয়া তে বসে, হঠাত করে খুঁজে পাওয়া
এ যেন এক সাংস্কৃতিক মরুদ্যান।

রাত বাড়ে, তার সাথে ভোজের আয়োজন,
যে রন্ধন হয় আনন্দ সহযোগে
সে যেন ফেলে দেয় উভয়সংকটে
কোন পদ ছেড়ে কোন পদ আগে
বাসা মাছ না শুঁটকি, ল্যাম্ব চপ না চিকেন করাহি
মায়ের রান্না যেন অল্প সময়ের জন্য যাই ভুলে
কেননা এখন ডুবে আছি স্বাদের মরুদ্যানে।

তীব্র বেগে চলে যাওয়া কর্মজীবনের স্রোতে
কৃত্রিম সম্পর্ক আর গন্তব্যহীন মানুষের মাঝে
আমরা ভাগ্যবান খুঁজে পেয়ে এক নিবিড় মরুদ্যান
আলবানি শহরে টিনাদি আর সেলিমদার এই গৃহকোণ।

An Oasis in the City

Outside the concrete jungle
Stands a home atop a hill, amidst silence
The golden gate bridge is visible from the balcony
In the soft afternoon sun, and then in sunset colors
With a glass of wine or tea and biscuit,
We chat up the evening before the weekend
From a visual oasis.

The evening comes alive with literature
Mother tongue feels more comforting than before
From the bookshelf to the coffee table,
Along comes Rabindranath, Jibonananda, or Rudra M. Shahidullah
Time seems to stand still – in 1947 or 1971
We seem to have chanced upon in bay area
A cultural oasis.

The feast starts as the night rolls on
Dishes that are cooked with pleasure
Puts us in a great dilemma
Which item to taste before which one
Basa fish or anchovies, lamb chops or chicken karahi
I seem to forget my mom’s cooking for a while
As I drown in the oasis of taste.

In the currents of fast flowing professional life
Amidst people devoid of goals and relationships artificial
We are lucky to have found a peaceful oasis
Home of Tinadi and Selimda in the city of Albany.

For the love of the flight


One motorcycle trip, combined with the love of hang gliding and rock climbing changed our lives overnight. Exactly one month ago, we did a ride through Utah and Colorado to see family and friends. After flying at Utah’s Point of the mountain, staying with Priya next to the Wasatch mountains and with Kakali-di near the rockies we asked ourselves why we were still living in the bay area. There was pin drop silence. The decision was made on the spot to move to Utah and later to Colorado as soon as we are able to. Fast forward one month. Our house gets listed tonight. Five years of labor of love in renovations at every corner of it. A million thanks goes to our amazing realtor Peter whose guidance in all house matters has been invaluable.

As for the tipping point of our decision to leave bay area soon, a big credit goes to Priti’s cousin moving to SLC for work. And then some fairly random events that made me realize what I had been missing by not living in Utah. Many thanks to hang gliding friends including Eves Tall-Chief, Ryan Voight, Patrick McGuinness, and Jessica Lyene.

Before/After photos:

House in 2010 just after purchase

House in 2015 just before listing

For DIY enthusiasts, here is my blog of renovations: Bariwala