Revenge of the Ph.D.

by therider

Thanks to Priti’s Ph.D. and our separate living across two continents for more than half a decade, we came up with a plan to make up the lost time in both principal and interest, so to say. In short, a vision to live a life trying to avoid the slippery paths leading to the hellish traps of mediocrity.

This is a mission statement of life that we would like to live.

1. Never let go of the passion to live life to the brim. Treat every day as a gift and eliminate every wasteful use of time. No stupid TV shows, no useless chatter. Do activities and seek out other energetic fun loving people. Energy is contagious.

2. Do good stuff that are part of the solution of something big. Think sustainability, low footprint living. Help other interested folks achieve the same goals. Our friend Rucha Chitnis working with WEA is a great inspiration. I am also lucky to have a local chapter of Habitat-for-Humanity.

3. Opt out of parenthood and enjoy the free time and spontaneity that life offers.

Many would argue that life is not a gadget or a competition. I see it as something with an expiry date stamped on it. A good 25 years is what we spend on a decent education. It is too valuable an asset to just let rot in a miserable rat-race life. Even the smallest amount of education can be put to good use by willpower and motivation. We all need to seek out the best potential of fellow humans and enable everyone to work towards a better planet and quality of life for all. And what is better than to live a life with ample spare time, a chunk of savings, unfettered freedom and spontaneity ?

We will check back in 5 years to review and retrospect.