Epson 7600 maintenance req 40

by therider

This morning I had the weirdest telepathic experience. While starting up my 7600 for a print I was thinking about the possible things to do when the cleaning unit hits the service limit counter (it was close to end of life), and just then I saw the dreaded “Maintenance Req 40” status on the LCD.

No panic. The print came out fine. I did a little bit of search to find out an useful information. Someone in the same boat posted his experience in a forum. When he called Epson they asked for the total prints so far. His number was about 1200. The technician told him to not bother and just reset the cleaner counter. The unit needs replacement only when page count hits near 5000. I just checked mine, it has printed 990 pages so far. So I did the following steps to reset the counter:

1. Power off printer
2. press PAPER SOURCE + PAPER FEED + CUT/EJECT buttons at the same time and keep them pressed
3. turn on the printer
4. Release the buttons
5. A hidden menu appears
6. press DOWN, “CLEAR COUNTERS” option should appear
7. press RIGHT
8. press DOWN, till “CLEANER” should appear
9. press RIGHT
10. press ENTER (CUT/EJECT button)
11. Power off printer.

The printer status still shows 990 pages so I just have to watch it hit 5000 before I bother about the cleaner again.