End of 2011 and film photography

by therider

The sunset at the Limantour beach (near Point Reyes) could not be more beautiful. Gorgeous colors and not too chilly winds. I pulled out my Mamiya RB67 loaded with E100VS color slide film. I had already finished 2 rolls earlier in the afternoon, doing some studies of the classic pacific coastline. The light was getting low, so I pulled out my cable release and proceeded to attach to the lens.

And then it struck me. The knob was already at the position to take the cable release in order to trip the shutter. That meant only one thing – that while all afternoon I enjoyed handheld photography without the cable release, I moved frame after frame without actually tripping the shutter. Unbelievable. More than the loss of film and my time, my patience finally eroded beyond the point of no return.

My biggest resolution for the coming year is to simplify my life. I need to reduce my things to the minimum that I need and enjoy all the time. The film gear has to go. I have been justifying keeping them for too long without much of a reward. Processing and scanning film takes too much time and effort and does not give me anything that digital can’t for all my practical needs.

Maybe this needed to happen. I feel lighter and more at peace. I can come back to shoot the waves and the sunset and not get disappointed again. Here is to a very productive 2012.

Happy new year.